Erin Bradner

Director, Strategic Foresight



Erin is the Director of Autodesk’s Strategic Foresight team in San Francisco. She leads a team that critically examines the future to navigate uncertainty, and proactively capitalize on change in society, technology, business and politics.
Prior to leading the Strategic Foresight team, Erin was the director of Autodesk Robotics lab. She led research that enabled robots to intelligently make things by sensing, responding and adapting to new information in real-time. She also co-founded the Generative Design practice at Autodesk – her contributions helped develop the groundbreaking technology of goal-driven, algorithm-assisted 3D modeling. Erin is driven to discover how to leverage intelligent software tools for smarter building processes, manufacturing and design.
In her past lives, Erin consulted on the first commercial intelligent agents and cloud storage systems; and contracted at IBM, Boeing, and AT&T. Erin is a co-author on patents in advanced design and publishes in academia. She holds a PhD in Information & Computer Science from the University of California at Irvine.

Publications (19)



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