Net Promoter Scores and the Value of a Good User Experience

At Autodesk we’ve been using the Net Promoter method to analyze user satisfaction with our products for two years (Bradner, 2010). We chose Net Promoter as model for user satisfaction because we wanted more than an average satisfaction score. We wanted to understand how the overall ease-of-use and feature set of an established product factor into our customers’ total product experience (Sauro, J. u0026 Kindlund 2005). Through multivariate analysis – frequently used in conjunction with Net Promoter – we identified the experience attributes that inspire customers to actively promote our product. These attributes include the user experience of the software (ease-of-use), the customer experience (phone calls to product support) and the purchase experience (value for the price).This case study explains the specific steps we followed to build this model of user satisfaction and outlines how we used it to quantify the value of a good user experience. LINK

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