Use of Controlled Natural Language to Input Problem Definition for Computer-Aided Design

AbstractWe intend to develop a computer-aided design (CAD) system that takes design problem definitions as input and presents a set of geometries that solves the problem. For such system, we perceive using a controlled natural language (CNL) as one method within a multimodal interface to capture some of the required input. To evaluate the feasibility of using a CNL for problem definitions, we conducted a user study with 18 participants. We found that using a CNL increases the quality of problem definition statements compared to statements written in natural language. While a CNL can limit the breadth of problem definitions, it can achieve a balance between enabling natural expression of problem definitions and capturing formal data necessary for computational design.

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Wei Li

Autodesk Research

L.H. Shu

University of Toronto

Francesco Iorio

Autodesk Research

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