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Why join Research

At Autodesk Research we embrace bold thinkers, fearless rebels, and forward-thinking innovators. Our work explores new technologies and possibilities that are 5-10 years out, so we often attract people who like to test assumptions, push boundaries, and aren’t deterred by failure.

With research areas that cover the entire innovation pipeline from strategic foresight to scientific and customer collaborative research, through to product and platform innovation and compelling storytelling, there’s something for everyone at Autodesk Research.

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Types of roles within Research include…

Research Scientist

Conceives, plans, develops, and implements scientific research projects intended to advance scientific knowledge in business relevant areas. Publishes and presents papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and conferences. Communicates and promotes the use of research findings throughout the company.

Research Manager

Directs the activities of a research group in the research and/or development of technology relevant to an organization’s future products, projects, and programs. Collaborates with others on the direction of basic research and development relevant to long-term objectives and concerns. Writes and approves manuscripts for publication.

AI Researcher

Expert in research areas such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, reinforcement learning, information retrieval, natural language processing, and knowledge representation and reasoning. Collaborate with top academic and industry labs, combining the best of an academic environment with product-guided research.

Robotics Software Engineer

Architect and implement well-thought-out software as part of Autodesk’s software research platform for enabling perception enabled robotic manipulation. Develop drivers for robots, grippers, cameras and other hardware. Build and test applications on industrial robots.

“In research, we can make a big impact on our customers’ lives. I really appreciate how Autodesk Research allows its employees to bridge academia and the real world.”

Kosala Bandara

Senior Principal Research Scientist

“I love working with a range of professionals from manual machinists and welders to PhDs in computer science. I like to connect with people from diverse backgrounds.”

Stefanie Pender

Senior Shop Supervisor


There are internships that test your knowledge and there are internships that inspire you to dream. At Autodesk Research we see our internships as an opportunity to unleash your inner visionary.

Our interns work alongside our world-class researchers, engineers, and scientists to investigate and contextualize new applications and technologies that can unlock new potential for Autodesk customers.

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