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Inside Autodesk Research—getting to know our research teams

At Autodesk Research, we are a team of scientists and industry professionals from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about ground-breaking and inspiring innovation. We work with our customers and other partners to explore what’s possible within our own facilities and in companies around the world.


Autodesk Research explores how technology can be applied to emerging design and make challenges to prepare our company for the future while helping to lead and inspire our customers.

Our Science teams examine new possibilities for artificial intelligence (AI), how humans and computers interact, new opportunities for robotics, and computer simulation, mathematical optimization, and systems modeling. Our Industry Futures teams explore emerging technology to help our customers design, manufacture, and construct a better world. Strategic Foresight examines long-term forces of change and how they could shape the future for Autodesk and our customers, and Research Engineering supports the projects undertaken by each of our teams.


Our core Science teams explore new ways to empower our customers with technologies that automate, optimize, and improve design and make processes via robotics; AI; human computer interaction; and improved simulation, optimization, and systems.

Industry futures

On our Industry Futures teams, we work with different industries to research and unlock solutions based on the unique requirements, processes, and challenges of individual sectors.

Strategic Foresight

The Strategic Foresight team identifies and articulates long-term forces of change to uncover critical future insights for Autodesk and our customers.

Advanced Engineering

Our Research Engineering team partners with researchers to develop novel technology solutions that demonstrate unique innovation opportunities for Autodesk and our customers.

Technology Centers

Our Technology Centers are innovation hubs where we bring together a global network of resident teams from industry, academic, and entrepreneurial sectors to explore new possibilities for design and make processes.

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