Project Reframe: Recording and Editing Motion in Virtual Reality

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In a world where content creation has evolved dramatically, Autodesk Research is at the forefront of exploring new ways to empower creators. One of our exciting ventures is Project Reframe, a proof-of-concept for recording and editing motion in Virtual Reality. Shared at AU: The Design and Make Conference, Project Reframe is the culmination of extensive time and effort dedicated to crafting an interactive user experience and building the necessary infrastructure for creators to animate their characters.

A significant breakthrough in our journey was the collaboration with Meta, a company connecting billions of people daily and developing state-of-the-art hardware for immersive environments. This partnership allowed us to leverage our in-depth knowledge of 3D and animation tools, creating accessible resources for the masses.

Through our research, we aim to support creators in their quest for self-expression by helping them navigate the challenges of animation, a complex field requiring sophisticated tools and significant time. We’re optimistic about this new era of creation, where the democratization of tools and technology can bridge gaps, providing creators the freedom to focus on their core talents and find joy in the process.

“This new era of creation aligns with Autodesk’s ethos, where our tools empower professionals to create movies and games, build cities, and design and manufacture products. Our research division has the resources and expertise to envision how anyone tomorrow might make anything.”

David Ledo

Senior Research Scientist

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