Project Reframe: A Leap into VR Motion Capture and Editing

Collaborative effort between Autodesk Research and Meta


At Autodesk University last year, the research team shared Project Reframe, a proof-of-concept for recording and editing motion in Virtual Reality. The animation tool allows users to record their body movements, facial expressions, and hand gestures in VR. Additionally, it features an intuitive VR-based editing interface, making it straightforward for beginners to edit their animations.

In areas such as video capture and production, content creation tools have become democratized—but gaps still exist, especially in the 3D animation space. Allowing users to create and fine-tune their 3D animations effectively remains challenging, requiring significant training and knowledge. One example is the process of creating an animated humanoid character, which typically requires advanced tools and significant experience. Achieving a realistic and compelling result can seem impossible, especially for beginners.

This line of research led us to partner with Meta, a company that connects billions of people and develops cutting-edge hardware for sensor-rich immersive environments. This collaboration has allowed us to apply our extensive expertise in 3D and animation tools towards creating accessible tools for a broader audience.

Now, Autodesk Research is ready to invite creators to use Project Reframe, and this next step in the research could involve you! We are inviting a select few participants to receive early access to the prototype and provide feedback. Sign up at for more information and join the waitlist.

To see Project Reframe in action and learn more about the collaborative work between Autodesk and Meta, check out the video below.

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