ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2024


Integrating Spatial and Temporal Motion Editing for Character Animation in Virtual Reality


Editing character motion in Virtual Reality is challenging as it requires working with both spatial and temporal data using controls with multiple degrees-of-freedom. The spatial and temporal controls are separated, making it difficult to adjust poses over time and predict the effects across adjacent frames. To address this challenge, we propose TimeTunnel, an immersive motion editing interface that integrates spatial and temporal control for 3D character animation in VR. TimeTunnel provides an approachable editing experience via KeyPoses and Trajectories. KeyPoses are a set of representative poses automatically computed to concisely depict motion. Trajectories are 3D animation curves that pass through the joints of KeyPoses to represent in-betweens. TimeTunnel integrates spatial and temporal control by superimposing Trajectories and KeyPoses onto a 3D character. We conducted two studies to evaluate TimeTunnel. In our quantitative study, TimeTunnel reduced the amount of time required for editing motion, and saved effort in locating target poses. Our qualitative study with domain experts demonstrated how TimeTunnel is an approachable interface that can simplify motion editing, while still preserving a direct representation of motion.

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