John Locke

Senior Principal Research Scientist



With more than 10 years of experience as a practicing professional, John has led cross-disciplinary teams working at the bleeding edge of the AEC industry. As a registered architect, he has an extensive background in developing significant, sustainable architectural works with a focus on learning spaces, the future of work, and adaptive re-use projects, which display a deep understanding between a project’s form, material, and urban context.

Most recently, he has managed the successful completion of the flagship Autodesk Research facility in Toronto – the first application of a completed architectural work using generative design – as well as the AIA award-winning Princeton University Laboratory for Embodied Computation. Of particular relevance is John’s experience collaborating with multiple stakeholders within unique research teams working toward sustainable, computationally-derived AEC methodologies. He is currently applying these techniques toward low-cost, low-tech sustainable healthcare facilities in Africa as well as affordable housing in California.

John holds a graduate architecture degree from Columbia University in New York where he was awarded the William Ware Prize for Excellence in Design. At Columbia, he is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor where his research focuses on the political and social implications of public design. His courses have actively engaged in the process of public, collective design-build projects that empower our future architects to claim a more active role as members of their city and communities.

His work has been recognized by The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Atlantic, Wired, and many others.




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