Authoring Virtual Reality Character Animations with Online Videos

VideoPoseVR reconstructs 3D pose and motion from 2D videos to enable rapid prototyping of character animation in VR. Users without animation experience can import and convert videos into a 3D motion dataset.

AbstractWe present VideoPoseVR, a video-based animation authoring workflow using online videos to author character animations in VR. It leverages the state-of-the-art deep learning approach to reconstruct 3D motions from online videos, caption the motions, and store them in a motion dataset. Creators can import the videos, search in the dataset, modify the motion timeline, and combine multiple motions from videos to author character animations in VR. We implemented a proof-of-concept prototype and conducted a user study to evaluate the feasibility of the video-based authoring approach as well as gather initial feedback of the prototype. The study results suggest that VideoPoseVR was easy to learn for novice users to author animations and enable rapid exploration of prototyping for applications such as entertainment, skills training, and crowd simulations.

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