DesignScript: Origins, Explanation, Illustration

AbstractDesignScript, as the name suggests, is positioned at the intersection of design and programming. DesignScript can be viewed as part of the continuing tradition of the development of parametric and associative modeling tools for advanced architectural design and building engineering. Much of the thought processes that contribute to the effective use of DesignScript builds on the tradition of parametric design and associative modeling that is already widely distributed amongst the creative members of the architectural and engineering communities. Many of the existing parametric and associative modelling tools also support conventional scripting via connections to existing programming languages. The originality of DesignScript is that associative and parametric modeling is integrated with conventional scripting. Indeed, the definition of the associative and parametric model is recorded directly in DesignScript. But it is not what DesignScript does which is important, more what a designer can do with DesignScript. It is this change in the way you think that makes DesignScript worth learning.

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