Meet the Insider: A Conversation with Amr Raafat, CIO of Windover Construction


Amr Raafat, Chief Information Officer of construction management firm Windover Construction, an Outsight Network resident team, recently spoke with the Autodesk Digital Builder blog about the innovation and digital transformation needed to drive the construction industry in the future.

Amr leads Windover’s virtual design and construction (VDC) team and the Innovations for Design, Engineering, and Automation, IDEA™ platform, providing leading-edge technology services to streamline the construction process. With over 20 years of experience combining architecture, construction, and engineering, he champions pioneering technologies to integrate and unify project procurement. 

He’ll soon begin regular contributions to the blog, discussing such topics as “fresh perspectives on advancing the AEC industry, practical uses, and educational project case studies to understand how to better utilize today’s technology with tomorrow’s vision to construct, deliver, and operate buildings in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.” 

Check out the full conversation and look for more from Amr, soon.

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