Autodesk Research and DAISY AI at Greenbuild 2022

Collaboration showcases AI applications for sustainable construction design

Kasia Borowska


Autodesk Research recently collaborated with one of the Toronto-based Outsight Network teams DAISY AI Inc to jointly showcase the applications of artificial intelligence for sustainable construction design at Greenbuild 2022.

Presenting research work to potential customers isn’t always easy. It can take years for a research project to enter the market and getting customers’ feedback along the way is critical to project success. Construction conferences like Greenbuild and Industrialized Wood Based Construction Conference (IWBC) are a great opportunity to engage with customers, present the work in progress, and discuss ways in which the product can be enhanced and further shaped to meet the expectations of potential users.

Greenbuild is one of the biggest US-based events attracting thousands of attendees with interest in green construction processes and products. In 2022, the conference was held in conjunction with IWBC, one of the most important events for wood construction. Autodesk Research and DAISY AI had a joint exhibition stand and video footage showcasing the artificial intelligence and generative design capabilities of both the teams. It was great to see that there is a huge level of interest in applications of artificial intelligence for construction. Apart from builders, engineers, architects, and construction software companies, our stand was also visited by academics, researchers, and even a group of teenage students from Brown College, showing a high level of curiosity about a topic of whether AI is likely to take over some of the jobs they are training up for.

Whether we like it or not, AI will change the world of work as we know it, and this applies to the construction sector as well as any other. It is important to raise awareness of the latest research in construction design, and engage people of all ages, interests and professions in a discussion for what the future of AI and human collaboration should look like to benefit our society.

This was a great opportunity to further our collaboration with the Autodesk Research team and showcase our work to a larger audience. We look forward to continuing our work with Autodesk Research!

Kasia Borowska is the Marketing Director at DAISY AI.

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