Autodesk’s Droid Maker Contest: Unleashing the Force of Creativity

Autodesk Research brings new droids to life

Erin Arnold


To celebrate the launch of the newest Star Wars Original Series, The Acolyte, Autodesk recently orchestrated a Droid Maker contest – a competition that saw the convergence of imagination, technology, and the beloved Star Wars universe.

Using Autodesk software, the contest invited candidates to design the droid they’ve always dreamed of for a chance at prizes like a trip to see their droid on display at Lucasfilm. We are thrilled to deliver the results of the Autodesk Droid Design competition and introduce our newly forged companions, KT-11, KR-D7, Scrapper, and QZ-M2.

“The Droid Maker contest is an exciting opportunity for Autodesk to team up with Lucasfilm, highlighting our commitment to innovation and the endless creativity of our designers and makers,” said Joe Aronis, Manager of the Autodesk Technology Center, Boston. “At the Autodesk Technology Centers, we will be bringing the winning droids to life – connecting with the winning designers, learning about their inspirations, and sharing their excitement as we leverage our technology to fabricate their droids,

These droids were designed and made by Jedi Master (professional) and Padawan (student) champions using Autodesk Fusion and Maya.

A galactic congratulations to the winners and a resonating thank you to every designer who embarked on this interstellar challenge. Don’t miss the Star Wars Original Series The Acolyte, now streaming on Disney+. And follow along to see how Autodesk Research brings the winning droids to life over the next few weeks!

Learn more about the winners:

See the Official Contest Rules here.

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