A Culture of Innovation

How our “Mission Impossible” Projects Inspire Autodesk Researchers

Erin Arnold


Autodesk Researchers don’t just adapt to change; our team drives it. Our culture thrives on learning, building, and innovating, and we’re a collective of creatives who think outside the box and question the status quo across the many industries Autodesk serves – from manufacturing to entertainment to architecture, engineering, and construction.

In this video, Autodesk Researchers share some of the reasons they love the culture at Autodesk – a culture that allows them to explore and try new things. For Adam Gaier, Principal AI Research Scientist, that means having the time and the flexibility to build and tinker, and to find new ways to solve problems.

“Every day I learn new things. I build new things. I spend a lot of time just thinking and tinkering and playing around, hoping that one of the things that I do is going to be something big and impactful,” said Adam. “I work on problems that if you get them right, you really make a big difference in the whole world.”

For Ed Tlegenov, Senior Research Manager, the Autodesk Research culture empowers him to think outside the box to work on solving challenging projects.

“What I like about my job is what I call that we’re working on mission impossible projects,” said Ed. “We’re redefining how our industry works, and instead of adapting to the change we are making that change.”

Watch this video to learn about how our projects and interactions with talented individuals from across the world make Autodesk Research an inspiring place to be.

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