Keynote talk at Eurographics 2017

AbstractTitle: What is Time?Abstract: Menu Prix Fixe (vegetarian) Entree: Ten year old aged Nucleus. Main course: Observations about time a la sauce computer graphics. Dessert: Optimization with a sprinkle of dual numbers. Suggested wine: u0022The Art of Fluid Animation.u0022 Cuvee 2015. Toronto, Canada.This is how our Chef, coming to your comfy seat, will explain the three courses.Firstly, Nucleus is a unified dynamics solver that I first prepared and presented at a keynote talk Eurographics in Vienna in 2006.Today we will show how this solver, implemented in Autodesk MAYA, has been used in the industry. I will also show different extensions that have been implemented since then.Animations will be shown. But please keep your appetite for the other courses.Then you will be served la piece de resistance. Ah Time. Qu’est ce que sait? A simple question with a long history and sometimes surprising consequences. As in, there is no definite answer but exploring this question leads to interesting research.Time is important in computer graphics. Obviously in simulation but even there, there are surprises. I will illustrate some of these concepts using visuals and some live demos. This will be short a la Nouvelle Cuisine.Finally, for dessert I will talk about some techniques to optimize problems at the code level. You can implement complex math differentials with simple code. In this talk I will also serve you someoptimization frameworks I have been exploring recently which can potentially solve for dynamics and create geometrical shapes. I will also mention Georges Perec, the guy who wrote a readable novel without the letter u0022e.u0022About the wine. The beauty is that you can sample it before hand appetit messieurs dames.This meal will be served in the culinary capital of France: Lyon on April 28, 2017.

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