Game-like Navigation and Responsiveness in Non-game Applications

AbstractVideo and computer games aim to give players a compelling interactive experience. Components that help shape this experience include navigation and action through the game world, real-time responsiveness, and a carefully crafted storyline. Many games give players explicit control as to the high-level outcome of the experience. Navigation and action allow players to move through the environment and interact with the virtual world.Here we analyze two of our own research projects intended for use in design evaluation and product marketing applications and reflect on the game-like experiences they provide. The first is Boom Chameleon, which incorporates intuitive, real-time navigation with rich interaction during the review of virtual models. The second is StyleCam, which allows user exploration of pre-authored interactive experiences for virtual marketing and product advertising. While both involve inspection of virtual 3D objects, each employs different approaches to giving users an engaging experience.

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