Using AI to Optimize Construction Design

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Autodesk Research recently collaborated with one of the Toronto-based Outsight Network teams DAISY AI Inc to jointly showcase the applications of artificial intelligence for sustainable construction design at Greenbuild 2022.

DaisyAI is an Autodesk Research resident, based on the Autodesk Technology Center in Toronto. Daisy has developed a fully automated construction design system powered by artificial intelligence for timber floor layout optimization. At the same time, the Research Engineering team at Autodesk Research has been developing a research prototype called Kratos, aimed at the concept design stage of structural engineering design. Kratos already supports conceptual design of mass timber buildings, whereas the output of Daisy is a design ready for construction. A mix of the two would allow an end-to-end generative design workflow for timber structures.

Read about a recent event featuring this collaboration in the blog post, Autodesk Research and DAISY AI at Greenbuild 2022.

“It is important to raise awareness of the latest research in construction design, and engage people of all ages, interests, and professions in a discussion for what the future of AI and human collaboration should look like to benefit our society.”

Kasia Borowska

Marketing Director, DAISY AI

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