Rhys Goldstein

Senior Principal Research Scientist



Rhys Goldstein is a Senior Principal Research Scientist at Autodesk Research who specializes in space analysis, visual programming, and multi-agent simulation for architectural design. Rhys has published papers on a wide range of topics including visualizing the spread of COVID-19 in office environments, representing time in multiscale simulations, and using Pascal’s Triangle to select travel paths through buildings. He has also developed modeling tools such as the SpaceAnalysis and VASA packages for Dynamo.

Before joining Autodesk, Rhys completed a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia and a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Carleton University. He also worked in mineral exploration for a few years, leading geophysical surveys in Oman, Tasmania, Alaska, Cyprus, and all over Canada.

Rhys enjoys soccer, climbing, playing the piano, solving math problems, and chess. He lives in Toronto.

Publications (39)



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