Kean Walmsley

Software Architect & Senior Manager



Kean Walmsley is a Software Architect & Senior Manager focused on the research area of human-centric building design. He has previously worked on projects exploring the integration of IoT data with BIM (Digital Twins) using Autodesk Platform Services, as well as Generative Design in the AEC space. He has worked in various roles – and in various countries – during his career at Autodesk, including building and managing teams of software developers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia/Pacific. Kean engages regularly with Autodesk’s developer and computational design communities, providing technical content and insights into technology evolution.

Watch to see how Kean’s long history at Autodesk has allowed him to build prototypes while working with multidisciplinary teams. He discusses his role in research engineering, specifically his work on integrating IoT and BIM data for visualizion in 3D which paved the way for Autodesk’s platform for building digital twins in the AEC space. Kean is currently leading research exploring the human experience inside architectural spaces.




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