Is 2023 the Year AI and ML go Mainstream?  

A look at AI-driven tools and some thoughts on the new year

Kean Walmsley


Last year was a year defined by change and uncertainty around the world, both from a technical and geopolitical perspective. A new year often brings fresh perspective and as I think about what to expect in 2023, from a technology POV I’m interested in how AI and ML will become more mainstream and what that might mean.  

I recently shared a post on my blog Through the Interface about what to expect in 2023, with a dive into the potential impact of ChatGPT as well as some of the technical implications of the chatbot. I can’t pretend to know exactly how everything will play out – and there are certainly some concerns about misinformation, lack of understanding and nuance, and a general wariness about the technology – but it will be interesting to see if ChatGPT is the impetus for making AI-driven tools more commonplace.  

I asked ChatGPT to write a post about how it can disrupt industries and, while it’s not factual, I found it included some valuable nuggets to consider. Take a look at my post and feel free to share your thoughts on what to expect in 2023. One thing I know for sure – I’ll continue to play Wordle without any AI help!  

Kean Walmsley is a Software Architect at Autodesk.  


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