Hooman Shayani

Senior Manager, Senior Principal AI Research Scientist

Europe, Middle East, and Africa


Hooman Shayani is a Senior Principal AI Research Scientist and Senior Research Manager at the Autodesk AI Lab in London, UK. He also holds an Honorary Professor position with the Department of Computer Science at UCL. Hooman joined Autodesk after the acquisition of Within Technologies in 2014. His research focuses on machine learning, exploration, and optimization for creative AI, generative design, and additive manufacturing. He has published papers and obtained patents in the fields of generative models, bio-inspired and evolutionary computation, evolvable hardware, additive manufacturing, and generative design. He is passionate about impactful AI and interested in Neuroaesthetics.

Publications (15)



CAPRI-Net: Learning Compact CAD Shapes with Adaptive Primitive Assembly

We introduce CAPRI-Net, a self-supervised neural net-work for learning…



UNIST: Unpaired Neural Implicit Shape Translation Network

We introduce UNIST, the first deep neural implicit modelfor…



Neural Implicit Style-Net: synthesizing shapes in a preferred style exploiting self supervision

We introduce a novel approach to disentangle style from content in the…




Project Dreamcatcher: Generative Design Solutions in CAD

What if a CAD system could generate thousands of design options that…

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