Damon Lau

Senior Research Scientist



Damon is a Senior Research Scientist at Autodesk Research in the AEC Industry Futures group. Over the last decade, he has focused on applied research in generative design, including an expertise in simulation, automation, and advanced fabrication. Damon seeks to use the power of computation and machine learning to design more sustainable, efficient, and innovative buildings, aerospace parts, and cities. Highlighted projects include Airbus Bionic Partition, Airbus factories in Broughton and Hamburg, Autodesk Toronto MaRS Research Facility, and MoMA PS1 Hy-Fi which have each been featured in prominent publications such as Architectural Record, Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine, and Architect Magazine. He has published and presented his research at multiple high-profile conferences and holds numerous patents on related research on generative design.

Damon graduated from Columbia University in New York with a Masters of Architecture and University of California at Berkeley with a BA in Architecture. At Columbia and Berkeley, his academic focus was on computational design and automation.




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