Alex Tessier

Director, Simulation, Optimization & Systems



Alex Tessier is the head of the Simulation, Optimization and Systems Group. He leads the team’s efforts in Big Data, Computer Vision, and IoT. He has a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and a Master of Science in Computer Science, and is currently a PhD Candidate, also in Computer Science, both at the University of Toronto. Alex has been a leader in the Complex Systems research team for over a decade, but joined after more than a decade in product organizations. With 20 years of diverse industry experience, Alex has worked in various areas and companies, notably: IBM, General Electric, Aiolos Engineering, National Defense Canada and Procision Analysis Corp.

Alex’s research interests are in interactive simulation, generative design, parallelism and hardware rendering.

Alex hobbies include scuba diving, playing the violin and being the drummer in a band. Together with his wife Alice, Alex’s activities outside of work focus mainly on his two young boys, William and Jacques, and their Labrador retriever Athena.

Publications (25)



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