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Autodesk Research teams regularly contribute to peer-reviewed scientific journals and present at conferences around the world. Check out some recent publications from Autodesk Researchers.

Algorithms for Voxel-based Architectural Space Analysis

Published at the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design, this paper introduces Voxel-based Architectural Space Analysis, an approach that has been contemplated for a long time but only recently implemented. The idea is to take architectural models, “voxelize” them to produce a Minecraft-like representation, and then perform various combinations of spatial analyses and operations on the voxel model. This provides a simple and robust way to compute human-centric metrics for generative design.

Immersive Sampling: Exploring Sampling for Future Creative Practices in Media-Rich, Immersive Spaces

This paper proposes immersive sampling as a design method that can be used to collect a variety of inspiration materials. The research team first characterizes sampling by defining it and contextualizing it within creativity theory. They then adapt and extend sampling in the context of immersive environments and implement VRicolage to explore how the interactions might appear. Through this work, the goal is to better understand how to support creative practitioners in collecting materials for their work beyond the confines of the screen.

Peek-at-you: An Awareness, Navigation, and View-Sharing System for Remote Collaborative Content Creation

Mixed-focus collaboration in remote work is challenging, as it involves switching between individual and group tasks while staying aware of others’ activities. This paper presents “Peek-at-You,” a system that integrates collaboration and communication software to provide collaborative features such as conversational position indicators, speaker’s view peeking, and view pushing. The evaluation of these features demonstrates their effectiveness in supporting awareness, understanding, and transitions between working states.

SkyGlyphs: Reflections on the Design of a Delightful Visualization

This pictorial paper describes how the Research team developed a tool that visualizes the vast amount of “organic data” or artifacts that employees generate and share across the company (for example, presentation slides). This research explores the challenge of visualizing repositories of such data in a way that would encourage people to browse its contents in a free-form manner by leveraging their curiosity, inciting delight, and supporting serendipity.

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