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Autodesk Research Connections is a speaker series featuring industry leaders exploring the new possible in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction; media and entertainment; manufacturing; and more.

Situationally Aware Robots for Construction Applications

Learn about situationally aware robots for construction applications from Dr. Jose Luis Sanchez-Lopez, Research Scientist, and Dr. Hriday Bavle, Research Associate, SnT – University of Luxembourg. This talk is hosted by Pan Zhang, Research Scientist, Autodesk Research.

From the speakers: “Providing robots with a deeper perception and understanding of the situation empowers them to take more intelligent decisions and execute more complex tasks more autonomously and in more complex environments. Our novel Situational Graphs (S-Graphs) go beyond state-of-the-art graph-optimization Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) techniques, by incorporating semantic and relational knowledge in the optimizable factor graph. Our S-Graphs not only show higher accuracy on the robot localization and mapping, but it also provides in real-time a more complete estimation of the situation, including a scene graph usable for decision-making and autonomous task execution. In this presentation, we will show our latest research on S-Graphs and their applications in robots for construction applications.”

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