Autodesk Research’s Kean Walmsley Joins Industry Podcast

Reflections on his professional journey spanning continents and technological transformation

Caroline Jordan


In a recent episode of the TRXL Podcast, Kean Walmsley, Senior Manager, SW Architect, Autodesk Research, shares insights gathered over his 20-year plus, multinational career journey. The conversation with host Evan Troxel delves into some of the milestones of Kean’s work, such as his longstanding blog and contributions to exciting projects within Autodesk Research. Kean also discusses the innovative potential of XR technologies within the architectural realm, hinting at the transformative impact it can have on design processes and client engagement.

Through details of his career journey, Kean chronicles the increasing significance of in-house programming capabilities and the establishment of dedicated R&D arms within organizations. Kean articulates how these internal resources empower teams to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, fostering innovation and maintaining a competitive edge in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Throughout the episode, Kean shares valuable insights gleaned from his time at Autodesk, offering listeners a glimpse into the intersection of technology and architecture as well as renewed appreciation for the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the face of technological innovation.

Listen to the podcast to learn more!

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