Autodesk Research’s Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough Joins Premier Industry Podcast

Discusses the importance of relationships, staying curious, and the Outsight Network

Erin Arnold


The transition from digital design to physical creation involves a ton of hands-on iterating. According to Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough, manager of the San Francisco Technology Center, that’s where the Autodesk Technology Centers and Research can help: “The purpose of these spaces is to validate workflows and make sure people make data informed decisions for their designs so they can design more intelligently.”

Each week, Evan Troxel invites guests from the architectural community and beyond to his podcast to engage in long-form conversations about the co-evolution of architecture and technology. In episode 149, Mary Elizabeth speaks with Evan Troxel about the importance of the iterative process of prototyping, Autodesk Research’s Resident Program, and more.

You can listen to the episode online or watch it on YouTube.

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