Autodesk Research Unveils Project Bernini for Generative AI 3D Shape Creation

Erin Arnold


To help improve 3D modeling for the Design and Make industries we serve, Autodesk is excited to announce Project Bernini. This new research effort offers the first experimental generative AI model that quickly generates superior 3D shapes from a variety of inputs including a single 2D image, multiple images showing different views of an object, point clouds, voxels, and text. Project Bernini is intended to create generative models that could be used in different fields like architecture, product design, entertainment, and more, to generate functional 3D structures that can be used in real-world applications and align with the designer’s vision.

The Autodesk AI Lab, a team of diverse scientists and specialists, trained the Bernini model on ten million diverse 3D shapes, using a composite dataset of publicly available data, CAD objects, and organic shapes. Read more about this Autodesk Research milestone on Autodesk News.

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