Autodesk Research Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

Conversation with Researchers Explores the Impact of Women in Engineering


International Women in Engineering Day occurs annually on June 23 to honor women in the field of engineering. In recognition of this occasion, we’re kicking off our 3×3 series, where we ask three questions to three members of the Research organization. For this first episode, we’re asking three women engineers in the Research organization about what inspired them to pursue a career in engineering, advice they’d give to others considering such a career choice, and ideas they have for overcoming the gender gap in engineering.

Watch the interview to experience this open and honest conversation with:

  • Haley Edie, Research Program Manager
  • Daniela Sousa, Principal Research Engineer
  • Kendra Wannamaker, Senior Research Engineer

And don’t forget to celebrate the women in engineering in your life!

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