Autodesk Research Celebrates Earth Day, Every Day


As we gear up for Earth Day tomorrow, April 22, we wanted to share some recent posts from the Research Blog that highlight how our teams are committed to sustainability.

General Electric Collaboration Targets Jet Engine Efficiency with Generative Design: Learn how Autodesk Research used next-generation additive manufacturing technology to produce cleaner, lighter, and performance-driven gas turbine engine hardware. During a 3-year R&D program, our Autodesk Research team worked with GE Aviation with the shared goal of increasing the fuel and energy efficiencies of jet engines while reducing environmental impact.

How the Construction Industry can Operate Sustainably: A New Way to Reduce Waste: The construction industry accounts for nearly 40% of annual global carbon emissions. Read about a recent event with the Circular Economy Club to discuss how to reduce and recycle construction waste.

Autodesk Research and DAISY AI at Greenbuild 2022: Kasia Borowska, marketing director at Outsight Network Resident DAISY AI, shared how DAISY AI and Autodesk Research showcased the potential for using artificial intelligence for sustainable construction design at last year’s Greenbuild event.

Research Conversations with Fope Bademosi: In her role as a Circular Economy and Construction Researcher, Fope Bademosi researches new approaches to building materials, supply chains, construction waste streams, and economic models, and how to make the construction industry more climate friendly.

And for some bonus reading, check out how Outsight Network Resident Heirloom wants to pull one billion tons of carbon dioxide from the air every year by 2035.

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