AU 2023: A Deep Dive with Three Researchers

Three questions for three researchers about their AU 2023 presentations and events

Erin Arnold


AU 2023 is just around the corner and Autodesk Research has a lot going on! From Generative AI research workshops, Industry and Theater Talks to Technical Workshops, Case Study presentations, exhibits, and more, members of the Autodesk Research team will discuss and share on a host of topics. As you’re planning your schedule for Vegas or to catch sessions remotely, check out how three researchers will be spending their time at AU, presenting on a variety of topics.

In this 3×3 conversation I ask three questions to three researchers about their AU plans, including:
– Elliott Montgomery, Senior Strategic Foresight Specialist
– Fope Bademosi, Circular Economy and Construction Researcher
– Daniela Steinsapir, Senior Manager, Experience Architecture

Watch the video and be sure to add these, and other Research presentations, to your AU schedule!

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