Explore the Industrialization of Construction at AU 2023

Fope Bademosi and Magdalena Kowalczyk


In the fast-evolving sectors of construction and infrastructure, staying ahead of industry trends and adopting modern practices is not just an option — it’s a necessity. Autodesk University 2023 provides architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals with a comprehensive platform to understand and navigate these transformative shifts. At AU 2023, the Industrialization of Construction Research team members will host three sessions focused on digital transformation in building and non-building infrastructure.

Industry Talk – Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Digital Transformation Approach to Infrastructure

In this session, we will address the issue of aging infrastructure systems that are becoming more vulnerable due to climate change and the challenges posed by rapid urbanization. Our focus will be on solutions that highlight the importance of digital technologies, providing a roadmap for designing, building, and maintaining critical infrastructure systems. Using tangible real-world case studies, the session offers a clear-eyed perspective on the contemporary hurdles and shares knowledge that can shape project strategies.

Panel Discussion – Constructing the Future Today: Tips to Improve and Streamline Your Projects

This panel discussion will focus on addressing the complex issues of digital transformation in construction by tackling challenges such as workforce adaptation, skill disparity, and the need for standardization. By exploring the integration of new methodologies and managing risks associated with technological changes, attendees will be presented with proven strategies for project success. Attendees will have an opportunity to hear firsthand experiences and solutions from industry leaders from different markets, offering a broader understanding of the digital transformation journey in the industrialized construction sector.

Theater Talk – Industrialized Construction

Ben Kaizer from Kaizer+Path and Charlotte Garrette from KOPE will join us at this Theater Block session. Attendees will discover how applying manufacturing techniques to the AEC process enables better design, greater automation, and, ultimately, more freedom in design.

Why Attend These Sessions?

Strategic Insight: These sessions offer a reflection on current challenges while also providing insights into how new connected solutions and services can be implemented in future projects. By attending, participants will be equipped with the foresight to anticipate changes and the tools to implement them effectively.

Industry Relevance: In a competitive landscape, understanding the nuances of digital transformation becomes the differentiator. These sessions encapsulate essential techniques and practices that are setting industry standards.

Join us at Autodesk University 2023 for an insightful experience that provides professionals with the latest industry knowledge and tools to stay ahead of the curve. Plan your AU: Register to attend these sessions for a look at the latest trends and best practices in the industrialization of construction!

Fope Bademosi is a Circular Economy and Construction Researcher 

Magdalena Kowalczyk is a Research Engineer 

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