Grand Challenges on the Theory of Modeling and Simulation

AbstractModeling u0026 Simulation (Mu0026S) is used in many different fields and has made many significant contributions. As a field in its own right, there have been many advances in methodologies and technologies. In 2002 a workshop was held in Dagstuhl, Germany, to reflect on the grand challenges facing Mu0026S. Ten years on, a series of Mu0026 S Grand Challenge activities are marking a decade of progress and are providing an opportunity to reflect and plan for the future. This second Grand Challenge Panel brings together a new set of experts from both industry and academia to reflect on Mu0026S Grand Challenges. Themes include big simulation, coordinated modeling, large scale systems modeling, human behavioral modelling, composability, funding availability, cloud-based Mu0026S, engineering replicability into computational models, democratization of Mu0026S, multi-domain design, executing and targeting hardware platforms and education. It is hoped that these activities will provide inspiration to those already working in or with Mu0026S and those just beginning their career.

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