Comet and Target Ghost: Techniques for Selecting Moving Targets

AbstractNumerous applications such as simulations, air traffic control systems, and video surveillance systems are inherently composed of spatial objects that move in a scene. In many instances, users can benefit from tools that allow them to select these targets in real-time, without having to pause the dynamic display. However, selecting moving objects is considerably more difficult and error prone than selecting stationary targets. In this paper, we evaluate the effectiveness of several techniques that assist in selecting moving targets. We present Comet, a technique that enhances targets based on their speed and direction. We also introduce Target Ghost, which allows users to select a static proxy of the target, while leaving the motion uninterrupted. We found a speed benefit for the Comet in a 1D selection task in comparison to other cursor and target enhancements. For 2D selection, Comet outperformed Bubble cursor but only when Target Ghost was not available. We conclude with guidelines for design.

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