Yuri Cataldo

Research Scientist



Yuri Cataldo is a Research Scientist for Autodesk Research’s Science team. With a focus on web3, demand generation, product innovation, and community experiences, Yuri leverages his expertise to help organizations achieve their goals.

As an award-winning entrepreneur and business strategist, Yuri has built a strong reputation in his field. He has been recognized for his work as an author of a best-selling book and advisor to early-stage startups, where he provides valuable insights and guidance to help these businesses navigate the challenges of growth. Yuri is known for using systems thinking and empathy to identify and overcome obstacles to help companies reach their goals.

In addition to his professional experience, Yuri holds an MBA from MIT and an MFA from Yale University. He is a frequent speaker at universities, conferences, corporate events, and with government officials from around the world, sharing his insights on web3, go-to-market strategies, entrepreneurial education, and innovation ecosystems.

Yuri is also dedicated to giving back and making a positive impact in his community. He serves on the advisory board of FintechWomen, is an advisor of the Immersive Education Summit, is an executive committee member of the MIT Bitcoin Club, and is a mentor/ judge at MassChallenge. His passion for helping others and his drive to make a difference are evident in all that he does.

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