Sophia Zelov

Manager, Research Network



Sophia Zelov leads the Relationship Development Team for Autodesk Research. She and her team identify and build strategic, external partnerships that align with the goals and objectives of Autodesk Research, and ensure how these partnerships are formed, maintained, and strengthened over time. Their team goal is to create an environment that supports and accelerates the work of Autodesk Research and its partners.

Sophia joined Autodesk as an accomplished architect known for her diverse portfolio of projects, ranging from residential to large-scale master plans. With a strong design and project management background, she has established herself as a leader in the field. Throughout her career, Sophia has demonstrated her expertise in creating innovative and sustainable design solutions for her clients. She has received recognition for her work, including awards for excellence in design and innovation.

One of Sophia’s most notable achievements is leading the design and project management of the Vietnamese-German University Campus in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This ground-up campus, boasting 25 buildings across 120 acres, required her to lead a diverse team across multiple continents and develop various buildings, including the Administration Building, Lecture Hall, Ceremony Hall, Library, Exhibition Hall, 6 Laboratory Buildings, University Housing, Faculty Housing, and a Central Plant, from programming through Construction Documentation. The campus opened in Fall of 2022.

Sophia has contributed to architectural publications such as Monograph, selected works of Machado & Silvetti, Fragment 5: Union Station Bus Terminal, and Southwest Washington DC: (A)mending L’Enfant’s Plan.

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