Nick is a Principal Engineer/Manager at Autodesk Research, London. An aerospace engineer with over ten years of professional experience and a solid academic background, he has a well-rounded background. Nick has gained vital exposure in the aerospace, energy, manufacturing, and automotive markets. He is a computer-aided engineering and manufacturing specialist who emphasizes solving novel multi-physics industry problems.

Nick’s research team focuses on manufacturing digital twins, additive manufacturing, and novel generative design workflows and intelligent designs.

His recent work has won the Autodesk “Design the Impossible” Excellence award, reinventing Design and Making problems on a jet engine component by collaborating with GE Aerospace to use one of the largest 3D metal printer machines. We successfully printed an artefact nearly 1m in size, consolidated 150 components into one part and reduced the overall mass by 35%. This was achieved by using the tools Autodesk Research has developed. I love designing and making cool things.