Farhad Javid

Principal Research Scientist



Farhad is a Principal Research Scientist at Autodesk Research working on the Simulation, Optimization, and System team. Farahd’s main interests are in computational mechanics, optimization, computer graphics, and machine learning. During his years at Autodesk, he has contributed to several projects including Mx3D bridge, Project Galatea, Barc (light weight beam solver), assembly sequence planning, contact modelling, and more. Farhad has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University and held several industry and research positions before joining Autodesk.




Optimal design of frame structures with mixed categorical and continuous design variables using the Gumbel–Softmax method

New gradient-based optimizer for handling budget and material…



Investigation of the potential benefits of optimizing building element placement using computational fluid dynamics

Buildings are responsible for more than one-third ofglobal energy…

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