Dianne Gault

Sr. Manager, UI/UX Engineering



Dianne Gault is a UI/UX Manager at Autodesk. Her expertise is in user-centered design and user research. She has an academic background in Human-Centered Design and Engineering, Industrial Design, and Mechanical Engineering. She joined Autodesk Research in 2015 to work on imagining what the experience of generative design could be like for the manufacturing industry with the Project Dreamcatcher team. Prior to Autodesk, Dianne was at Boeing for 14 years where she designed applications in a wide range of domains from mobile applications for airline pilots, to design tools for engineers, to schedule optimization applications for sales and marketing professionals. Dianne is passionate about focusing on the people that will be using our emerging technologies and enabling our teams to imagine futures that fully support our customers and build trust relationships between humans and the systems that support them.




Project Dreamcatcher: Generative Design Solutions in CAD

What if a CAD system could generate thousands of design options that…

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