Brandon Cramer is a Research Manager on the Manufacturing Industry Futures team within Autodesk Research. In his current role, he engages with industry clients by leading and assisting research projects that explore the future applications of generative design and additive manufacturing to optimize components and assemblies.

A native mid-westerner, Brandon grew up in a suburban town north of Chicago, IL, and attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on CAD and product design. Shortly after graduating, he joined a 3D printing startup company, 3Discovered, where he worked for three years. After 3Discovered, Brandon joined Autodesk and moved to Detroit, MI where he spent two years helping automotive customers adopt Autodesk software for additive manufacturing research projects. Today, Brandon is a resident of Somerville, MA working out of the Boston Technology Center where he continues to focus on advanced technology research projects with customers.

In addition to his business role, Brandon engages in many of Autodesk’s diversity and belonging initiatives, like participating in the Autodesk Black Network and volunteering for youth outreach events.


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