Alec Shuldiner

Director, Data Acquisition and Strategy



Alec Shuldiner, Director of Data Acquisition and Strategy for Autodesk, is tasked with building the company’s ability to create datasets that power customer-facing machine learning models while preserving the trust of our customers and employees. He brings recent experience managing a related program in data ethics, plus another ten years as a data architect and product manager finding ways to capitalize on Autodesk’s business data. He has also contributed to research on the Internet of Things and the ethical collection of data in public spaces, primarily via the MX3D Smart Bridge project, and he speaks and writes on these topics with some regularity.

In addition, Dr. Shuldiner is a climate activist and, not unrelated, the father of two teenagers. Recent side projects include writing resilience-focused actions for the popular Earth Hero mobile app and a producer and acting credit in the award-winning documentary The Automat, which was based on his doctoral dissertation on the history of technology.


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