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Whether you were in New Orleans or at your home office, you might not have been able to catch all the exciting Autodesk Research panels and presentations from this year’s show, which is why we’ve compiled a handy list of recorded sessions for you to peruse.

Women in XR: Changing How We Work, Play, and Interact 

With a panel of other Autodeskers and customers, Dagmara Szkurlat & Qian Zhou discuss why more inclusive design is needed in XR and how women can get involved in designing for the future of XR.

Qian notes, “It’s easy to associate XR with games, but it’s really about communication. [XR is] the next generation of communication. It helps people connect with others and with data. There’s a strong social aspect and a new way to communicate with people” while Dagmara encourages people to, “try the technology then think about what content you want to see—that’s how we’ll get more inclusive content.”

How Mott MacDonald and Autodesk Are Using Product Insights to Build Skills

Built as a collaboration between the Human-Computer Interaction and Visualization and My Insights teams, Jo Vermeulen demonstrates a new visualization prototype that gives AutoCAD users an overview of their most used skills to inform both personal and product development.

Using AI for Sustainable Structural Design with DAISY and Autodesk Research

​​​​​Kosala Bandara and research resident DAISY AI’s director, Kasia Borowska, explain how AI can take over the manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks in the design process to allow people more time for creativity.

AR/VR Enhances Workflows, Fuels Collaboration, and Improves Decision Making Panel at AU 2022

AR/VR Enhances Workflows, Fuels Collaboration, and Improves Decision Making

Qian Zhou and Hilmar Koch join this panel to discuss how XR has changed the way they work along with how their experiences might inform future plans to build XR capabilities in the Construction and Entertainment industries.

A New Breed of Prosumer Creation Tools for the Digital Economy

In this talk, Hilmar Koch leads a talk to convince you that “what you make today—what is valuable today—will earn you money in the digital economy. But it requires a leap of faith.”

Taking Generative Design to the Next Level on a Large Jet Engine Component

Nick Markovic and Philipp Manger discuss how they applied novel generative design technology to a real-life jet engine component for a three-year, joint industrial and academic research program funded by the Clean Sky 2 program, Europe’s foremost aeronautical research body.

Outsight Network Resident sessions 

Spot on Site: Maximizing Jobsite Robotics for Evaluating Housekeeping

This theater talk features Brooke Gemmell and Evan Reilley from resident team, Skanska. They discuss their findings from a project involving the Boston Dynamics Spot robot at the Technology Center in Boston and construction job sites.

BamCore Showcases Its Carbon Impacts Via Autodesk Ecosystem

Luc Wing and Hazem Kahla explain how they use Forge to efficiently construct their projects, the benefit of using sustainable materials in construction, and the tool BamCore developed with Microdesk to calculate the carbon impact in early stages of construction.

Senior Housing: Community as an Antidote to Isolation

​​​​​​Francisco Colom Jover talks about why “we need to move away from the false dichotomy that tells us that we have to choose between efficiency or health” when it comes to designing and building affordable senior housing and the need for a new model.

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