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Autodesk is changing how the world is designed and made. At Autodesk Research, we advance this mission by exploring new possibilities where others see roadblocks. With a diverse team of scientists and industry experts, we conduct industrial research that helps customers design and make a better world for all.

Explore. Prepare. Lead.

We don’t just explore solutions for emerging design and make challenges, we prepare innovators to be leaders in overcoming them. We focus on technologies and capabilities that enable customers to achieve possibilities and potential sooner.

Designing the future, together

We partner with industry leaders from around the world who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of research to unlock the highest levels of innovation.

“We worked with staff from Autodesk Research to evaluate ideas for our UMV prototypes using generative design. This helped to inform our decision on a mechanical design direction. Autodesk Research has been an important partner since the early days of New Horizons Studio, and I’m grateful for our partnership.”

John Suh

Founding Director, New Horizons Studio, Hyundai

“From the synergy of commercial software applications to the cutting-edge research and development efforts, Autodesk is enabling us to solve the future of housing by combining design, technology, and practical applications of software.”

Larry Pace

CEO, Factory_OS

Research Areas

Backed by a world-class engineering team, Autodesk Research systematically explores new technologies and innovations through six research domains:

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